Things that are making me happy this week

01. It’s Eurovision week (tune me out for the next seven days if needed).

02. Lots of good events coming up, notably The Lighthouse at Rising and The Problem of Consciousness at The Wheeler Centre.

04. Had a visit to a new bathhouse in Collingwood, Sense of Self. Aesthetically, very lovely. Not quite sure if it’s big enough to meet demand but will visit again.

05. More opera this week – Ernani. The plot was a hot mess but the music (and particularly the duets), sublime. I wondered if Verdi wrote the music first and then came up with the libretto under pressure…

06. Couples Therapy Season 2 is coming (SBS Australia) – I was obsessed with S1.

07. Alice Oehr’s delicious exhibition, Cake.

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  1. What did you do at the bathhouse?

    I have sent on the Cake exhibition to my cake-mad daughter. Mr Gums is a pretty good Black Forest Cake maker (or, Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte – if I have that right?)

    • I had a massage and then bathing. The massage was particularly good (maybe enjoyed more because it’s so long since I’ve had one!).

      BF/ SK is my absolute favourite.

      • I use a recipe by Luisa Weiss (from Classic German Baking) if I make it, however, there’s a cake shop near me that makes the best BF/SK and it seems more delicious when I haven’t had to slave over the oven! (I like cooking but not baking so much).

  2. Wow that bathhouse looks so cool! I don’t think we have anything like it in Canada (actually, I think there is an outdoor concept like this in the Banff area, but I’ve never been) and even if there were, it would be closed due to Covid 🙁

    • It did feel a bit crazy being there after being in lockdown for most of last year. We are very lucky in Australia now – apart from no international travel, most things are back to ‘normal’.

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