Things that are making me happy this week

01. I don’t follow US politics in great detail but I certainly wasn’t going to say no to my daughter crocheting a Bernie with Mittens for me.

02. And another lockdown… which isn’t making me happy, however, I’ve used the first two days to clear out my study (I was ruthless!). And I laughed at this (cue interpretive angst dance).

03. The good thing about everyone knowing I love a good negroni? I get the off-chucks (a friend, who doesn’t like negronis at all, was given a bottle of Bathtub Gin Co negroni at Christmas that she passed on to me).

04. And speaking of gin… Arbory Afloat’s pretty Beach House gin.

05. Melbourne Food & Wine Festival program – a couple of events we’ve carried over from last year, but secured tickets to a couple more (including the Rain Room, experienced with rain cake).

06. Yay! Got given an ARC of Claire Fuller’s new novel, Unsettled Ground.

07. First IRL meeting of my book group since March 2020 (lucky to get that in before lockdown 3.0).

08. The latest from Olive and Mabel.

09. Duolingo totally sees me.

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  1. I am looking at Rain Room, but I am also just contemplating going to Black Star Pastry for any cake, mainly because I don’t think I will like one of the cake flavours that is part of the Rain Room experience.

  2. I’m happy because I’ve just bought tix for Adelaide Writers Week. I’ve always wanted to go but never did because I couldn’t risk spending all that money to get there and then not being able to face being outside in the scorching heat of Summer. Another C_19 silver lining!

      • 12 are being streamed because they have international guests. People present at the AWF will see it on a big screen on the lawn but they’re making these 12 sessions available to stream, on a pay what you can basis. TBH there are more of the local authors I’d like to hear (e.g. Robbie Arnott and Patrick Allingham) than internationals but I’ll take what I can.

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