Things that are making me happy this week

01. I’ve just returned from my annual fortnight of salt water. It was glorious.

02. BridgertonGossip Girl with manners and frocks. Eloise is our favourite, right?

03. I’ve been toying with joining a German conversation class but really, I’m not sure that I’m up to standard. Plus, I am in the middle of other study this year and I need to be realistic about my time… So, I’m using Duolingo to brush up. It’s fun!

04. How Did We Get Here? If you’re a fan of Esther Perel’s podcast, you’ll like this.

05. Yay! A new book by Sally Rooney is coming… Can we wait until September?!

06. This recipe for Korean-style char-grilled chicken.

07. I captured a lovely seam of mamma clouds this week.

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  1. 1. That second photo is a very Victorian summer pic.
    5. I read Conversations with Friends before xmas and thought Normal People is better. Perhaps Rooney’s improving with age, which bodes well for #3.

    • Yes, I love late afternoon on the beach (actually, I love any time on the beach).

      Agree that Normal People was a step up from Conversations. Anyway, she has a guaranteed sale in me 🙂

  2. I use Duolingo too: I’ve been using it for French on and off for revision, and I did the Latin course as a prelude to f2f classes with U3A (which of course turned out to be by correspondence instead).
    Some courses are much better than others: I gave up on Gaelic, and the Indonesian isn’t very good either.

    • I’ll see how long I can stick at it, but finding the repetitive exercises useful and I really like the comprehension ‘stories’.

      My kids decided to learn Hawaiian and seem to be progressing very quickly – oh to have a young, flexible and sponge-like brain again!

  3. I’ve used Duolingo off and on. My problem is that the information just never seems to be retained. I wonder if it’s because I’m not actually writing anything – I find the process of writing by hand really helps with retention

    • We’ll see how long I can stick at it, but so far I’ve set a German-over-breakfast routine and it’s working out nicely (luckily I always eat breakfast – or should I say Frühstück?!)

  4. 1. No interest really, but it’s a pretty pic. Give me the Thredbo River instead!!
    2. Have been hearing about this – one day we’ll get Netflix.
    3. No useful comment, but hubby loves his German class. He is though pretty advanced. (Has read P&P in German three times now.)
    6. Yum. How I love chicken. Such a versatile food.

    • 1. I like rivers very much but nothing relaxes me like the salt water.
      2. It was fun viewing but not the best thing I’ve seen in the last year (on Netflix, that award goes to The Queen’s Gambit – that is absolutely worth getting Netflix for).
      3. #goals
      4. I’ve made it three times now 😀

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