The 2020 TBR Stack (spoiler: it got bigger)

What an odd year for reading.

I agree with French booksellers – bookshops are an essential service. And I certainly did my bit to keep them in business this year.

I started 2020 with 302 books in the TBR stack and thought that I would hit the 200s for the first time in years. COVID mucked that up. Apart from buying more books (see above), I also read a lot less. I estimate that I will finish the year with 344.

I’m not going to set a goal for 2021. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this year, it’s that trying to predict anything is a waste of energy… Wait. I will predict that I’ll buy more books. That’s worth sticking to.

How’s your stack looking?

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  1. Gorgeous.
    The bigger the better, I say…
    (After all, imagine we hadn’t been able to buy any at all… we would need a stash to tide us over, right?)
    And what’s more, all the books published for the next little while are going to be all about Covid, and I won’t want to buy any of those. So that’s another reason to have a stash…

  2. Lol – I like your prediction! I read more this year than previous – which is surprising since April and May I thought I was done reading for the year. I included more novellas and then “unofficially” participated in some readathons which I think helped a lot. Also, since we host 2 reading challenges I didn’t want to completely bugger off them – so that motivated me as well.

  3. I definitely bought more books this year than I would have in other years and I don’t feel a bit bad about it! I’ve just incorporated book buying into my 2021 goals, which I’ve set very tenuously because 2020 showed us all that goals can be kind of meaningless!

  4. I just did a count of my TBR. There I was thinking I had done pretty well, not buying that many books (closed bookshops meant no browsing temptations) and discarding ones I no longer had interest in reading. But I was kidding myself. So I’m actually only 5 down from the tally at end of 2019.

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