A Year of Sample Saturdays – 2020 edition

I’ve read 105 Kindle samples this year – downloading sample chapters is better than impulse buying books… I think.

Of the 105 I’ve read, I’ve said ‘yes’ to 59. Of those that I’ve said yes to, four I now own and a further four I’ve read.

The TBR stack is already a disaster this year – I won’t make it worse by buying the remaining 51 books. Instead, I’ve narrowed the shopping list down to the 15 that I’m busting to read –

The Discomfort of Evening by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld
Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener
Once More We Saw Stars by Jayson Greene
Sounds Like Titanic by Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman
The Salt Path by Raynor Winn
The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo
Actress by Anne Enright
Why We Swim by Bonnie Tsui
A Girl, Returned by Donatella Di Pietrantonio
Love Notes From a German Building Site by Adrian Duncan
We Are Here by Fiona Harari
The Morbids by Ewa Ramsey
Jillian by Halle Butler
The Man Who Saw Everything by Deborah Levy
Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan

I did the same review in 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016. I still haven’t read all of the books on those lists but I’m chipping away…

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