Things that are making me happy this week

01. Double doughnuts. For eight days in a row. I continue to feel so proud and thankful for efforts in Victoria.

02. Picnics with friends. Forthwith, all my socialising will be done with ten people, in parks, and I will love every moment.

03. Actually, that’s not true, I have booked restaurants, including a favourite.

04. Maple butter.

05. I don’t ordinarily go for thrillers, but I’m hooked on The Undoing.

06. Have also joined the Queen’s Gambit party.

07. And bring on The Crown. Finally, we get to the Diana bits. So much good tele, just as we come out of lockdown!

08. A friend gave me a solution to a problem that resulted in instant relief (and it reminded me how talking stuff through and getting a new perspective is a good move).

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  1. 2. Not just after Covid, but after years in the suburban wastelands of the West, I would like to spend just a month going to every restaurant in Brunswick St, Fitzroy (I think I last went out for a meal in March. It’s killing me),

    • I had my first meal out since March, last night. Felt surreal to be sitting among other people, eating, drinking, laughing. Hope you get your Fitzroy pilgrimage soon (can highly recommend Anada, that’s on Gertrude St Fitzroy, if you’re willing to do a slight detour off Brunswick St 🙂 ).

    • It’s a local favourite of ours. When the first lockdown happened in March, we had a dinner planned there with friends. I called to cancel (it was just before restaurants were told to close, so I felt terrible for cancelling) and said to the owner that we would be back as soon as possible. And then I burst into tears. And she did too. We’re both crying on the phone and it’s a moment that I will remember from 2020, as when it all hit me. Needless to say when I go there soon (and we’re going twice in the next few weeks, to make up for lost time), we won’t be holding back on our wine choices, or how many courses we have!

      • We had our first lunch with friends today since it all began, and what a day it was: good news from the US, the announcement about the end of the 25k barricade so I can see The Offspring at last, and a delightful lunch out under the grape vine with our dearest friends. I told them about FrancoBelge, and now we’re just hoping we can get a booking:)

    • I wouldn’t count myself as a maple syrup fan (if I have pancakes, it’s with lemon and sugar) but my gosh, the salty butter and sweet syrup combo was soooooo good.

  2. We’ve just re-entered lockdown where I live so it’s encouraging to hear your #1 and that things are going well elsewhere. For a second I thought you meant that you’d had 2 doughnuts a day for 8 days in a row and, honestly, that sounded pretty good too!

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