Things that are making me happy this week

01. Felt #ALLTHETHINGS when the restrictions were lifted (relieved, happy, anxious, exhausted…). I’ve remained positive in these weekly posts but I am also really hoping that the media (and people who don’t live in Victoria) stop the Victoria-bashing. This article. (Pics taken in the CBD by my friend Steph).

02. Plans to see friends. Booking floats. Booking restaurants.

03. As an ex-public servant involved in communications, Dan’s ‘get on the beers‘ sound-bite is thrilling. As was the going ‘a little higher up the shelf‘. And now it’s a song.

04. That Dan is finally taking a day off.

05. Chameleon podcast – it’s gripping.

06. Isn’t this coloured vinyl the perfect shade of yellow?

07. I mentioned One But Many Puzzles – they come with a zippered cloth bag (puzzle enthusiasts will appreciate this detail).

08. A delivery from Holy Sugar (if you’re wondering, there’s a chocolate hazelnut macaron; strawberry custard tart; lemon meringue tart; passionfruit glazed French cruller; blueberry Greek yogurt tea cake). The cruller was insanely good.

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  1. It’s encouraging to hear of restrictions being lifted in your part of the world. We’re entering cold weather here in Canada and facing a return to some of those restrictions so I’m glad to hear of more hopefulness elsewhere.

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