Things that are making me happy this week

01. I promise not to post pics of my local every week… But being able to go swimming again is making me VERY, VERY HAPPY.

02. The Italian Film Festival at home with dinner to match (gnocchi from Lello and gelato from Piccolina). Yay and yum.

03. Pretzels and cookies.

04. Listening to Where is George Gibney?

05. Finally got my hands on Ku’damm 56.

06. Gorgeous Australian native flowers at the new One But Many Puzzles.

07. We’re all watching Junior Masterchef just for Ben. He’s a cracker.

08. When you get an email titled ‘Schnitzel Window‘ how can you be anything but happy?! And just in time, because my 5km bubble has now been expanded to 25km.

09. So pointless buying clothes during lockdown, but this.

10. Enjoyed Rick Stein’s Long Weekend in Berlin – but how did I not know about this cocktail?! (they used only mixed berries in the one Rick had). I need another trip to Berlin, obvs.

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    • I want my next trip to Berlin to be in spring or summer (I’ve only been there in the depths of winter).

      I haven’t watched all of the Stein series – dipping in and out with places I’ve been (for the memories) or places I want to go (future planning!).

  1. 1. I’m glad you can swim freely again (30 people per pool I think). Won’t the lap swimmers be mad on hot days when they have to share with people just playing ( or squads of old people walking)
    6. Real wildflower season over here. The roads are lined with colour.

    • 1. For the first few weeks it was only 20 people – good ratios in an eight lane 50m pool. At this stage, there’s no ‘aqua play’ – not sure how it will be managed once school holidays and hot days hit – hopefully restrictions well and truly eased by then.

  2. Some great things here:

    5. Hope you enjoy. We loved it all.


    7. I should be watching this but haven’t been. Silly really as it’s probably just the sort of lightness we need.

    8. Have shared with the kids. Looks really enterprising, and tasty.

    Oh, and so glad you can swim again.

    • 5. I’m saving it for after I’ve completed an essay for uni.
      6. Will report on the quality of the puzzle once completed (you know how some puzzles just ‘feel’ good to do?)

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