Things that are making me happy this week

01. Final mask-free walk with my walking buddy, Sam.

02. Melbourne Writers Festival goes digital. Elizabeth Strout! Anne Enright! Patrick Radden Keefe! Jenny Odell! Charlotte Wood!

03. And as if one ace Melbourne festival wasn’t enough, the Melbourne International Film Festival program has been announced (I’ll be seeing Lara, The Go-Gos, Prayer for a Lost Mitten, Boys State, Some Kind of Heaven and Shiva Baby).

04. Binge-watching McMillions (Foxtel).

05. This recording of John Irving reading from an unfinished Prayer for Owen Meany.

06. Giant freckles.

07. A new podcast from the makers of Serial!

08. German Untranslatable Words cards (these are making me very happy).

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    • I think we can all agree that the one benefit of the pandemic has been literary festivals going online! Looking forward to the Ed Book Fest as well (August will be busy!).

  1. Words fail me when I try to say how happy I am with this year’s MWF… from two years where there was nothing much to choose from, to spoiled for choice, I went straight back to giving them a nice big donation too….
    I would go to almost everything except I think I’d be braindead from sitting at the computer!
    PS I’m curious about your provocative choice of photo. Did you ‘pose’ that graffiti because you like it or because it spoils the view?

    • I was thrilled to see the ‘pay what you want’ model for MWF – hopefully that encourages people who might not have participated before to join in (and become devotees). Like you, I sent a healthy donation their way.

      The photo… I was struck by the contrast between the bright graffiti colours and the muted greens and browns of the eucalypts.Not intended to be provocative!

      • I hadn’t been to the MWF since 2017 and I usually buy day passes for the other festivals I go to, so I couldn’t remember what I paid per ticket last time, . But the Yarra Valley festival was $15 a ticket, so I thought $20 was about right for the MWF. I hope that was a reasonable amount for a retiree!

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