Things that are making me happy this week

01. SBS’s Eurovision program. Sure, it’s a ‘non-competitive format’ but GO ICELAND!

02. That Curtis Sittenfeld’s new book, Rodham, is almost here.

03. Normal People soundtrack.

04. Discovering that forest therapy training programs run in Germany (in Flensburg). Fairly sure that Australia has enough qualified forest therapists but I also need to do a certain amount of professional development each year, so…  (forest therapy is known as Waldtherapie in Germany, where it originated, and shinrin-yoku in Japan, where it became popular in the 1980s).

05. Rob Lowe’s forthcoming podcast, Literally.

06. Autumn leaves – I hate raking them but I love watching them fall.

07. The Rocky Road festival.

08. Watching Katy Keene with my daughter, and Breeders on my own (both on Foxtel in Australia).

09. A painting of squid by artist Bridgit Thomas.

10. Pink grapefruit margaritas (because yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and tequila was required, yes?).

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  1. That margarita looks delicious! I could do with some forest therapy now that’s for sure. My husband and I travel to Germany every year and this time we were planning on going to Flensburg unfortunately thanks to the pandemic no travel. Great list of happy things!

  2. Forest therapy sounds nice…
    But I have something similar, and didn’t really realise it properly until I took my daily walk with a walking buddy (1.5m apart of course). As we walked along, there was a beautiful gum had burst into bloom almost overnight, and I stopped to admire it… while she kept walking. She hadn’t even noticed. And I thought, here in the suburbs where everyone has a garden and there are beautiful plants to admire in an ever-changing display every day, there are people who don’t see them.

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