Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. My boy is on his adventure at sea.

02. I’m studying again this year (advanced grief counselling)… Part-time but it will be demanding.

03. I didn’t listen to many podcasts in the last half of 2019 (because my library finally updated their audiobook collection) but I’m sure I’ll have FOMO soon. I’m bookmarking stuff for when that happens.

04. This literary calendar has so many things to look forward to (notably: a film adaptation of Emma, with a script by Eleanor Catton; and new books from Rose Tremain, Roddy Doyle and Curtis Sittenfeld).

05. There’s also this list of book-to-film releases for 2020. I’m most excited about Sally Rooney’s Normal People. (although the casting doesn’t match what I had in mind…).

06. It sounds menial, however, my preferred weather app was ‘discontinued’ at the end of 2019 – catastrophe! It’s been very difficult to find a replacement that has all the features that Pocket Weather had (forecast throughout day; rain radar; multiple locations; UV index; uncluttered design). After testing approximately 20 apps (I know, I know), I have finally settled on Weather Perfect (and dare I say it’s better than Pocket, although comes with a $15 price tag).

07. Lizzy and I are both reading Confession With Blue Horses by Sophie Hardach – feel free to join us!

08. This article about the Holocaust and literature is extremely interesting (thanks to Paula for pointing it out) – I have read a few Holocaust ‘novels’ over the last few years, each with increasing discomfort and I think Wiesel’s words capture why – “A novel about Treblinka is either not a novel or it’s not about Treblinka.”

09. Trying to work out if I can justify a trip to Byron Bay

10. Or indeed, a cruise from Southampton to New York – it’s like Melbourne Writers Festival meets Below Deck!

11. Saw two shows last week. Firstly, My Dad Wrote a Porno Live. If you haven’t listened to this podcast, anything I say about it will sound completely bananas. Anyway, the choose-your-own-adventure format was genius.

12. And secondly, Louis Theroux on Sunday night. It was a variety show! Interviews (including with ex-Westboro member, Megan Phelps-Roper); rap; other musical ‘entertainment’; documentaries; and audience participation. Such a brilliant night. Obviously I will have to read Phelps-Roper’s memoir, Unfollow: A Journey from Hatred to Hope, now.

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  1. I recently read Confession With Blue Horses and thought it was terrific. I realized I knew nothing about what went on in East Germany. I wish I’d gotten to it by the end of last year so it could have been on my Best of 2019 roundup.

    Unfollow was a good read as well. I’m told it works well as an audiobook, too.

    • I tried to squeeze in Confession last year and then thought better of it – wanted to take my time and enjoy.

      I have moved away from Holocaust reading and am now seeking out books about the East German experience – I expect I will have read quite a few by the time Nonfiction November rolls around!

      • I had to read it within 3 weeks because it was requested at the library (after its Costa Award nomination), but it was a compelling read I could easily have gotten through faster.

        I picked up a copy of Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall by Anna Funder (which won the Samuel Johnson Prize in 2004) from the free bookshop where I volunteer, so that should be a good follow-up for me to learn more about the history.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the Hardach.

    I’ll be avoiding the Spielberg spin on The Turn of the Screw. Hard to beat the 1961 adaptation, The Innocents, starring Deborah Kerr which has scared me witless several times.

  3. As a Brit I’m always happy to talk about the weather. I have 2 apps I use daily but maybe I should try Weather Perfect…

    Did you see Louis’ documentary about sex workers? It was just on here in the last week I think. I thought it was really sensitive.

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