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01. I’m sure Australia’s bushfires have made world news. The stats* are staggering and almost incomprehensible. I won’t turn this into a rant about our government’s lack of action (no, even acknowledgment) on climate change but this article is worth a read.

“Australia is the canary in the coal mine.”

02. Post Christmas, my TBR stack blew out to 317

03. Is it too early to start thinking about Stella Prize predictions?

04. This article on reading books in the age of the internet.

05. My family is heading into peak-board-game-playing-season, so this tweet made me laugh.

06. I’m a huge fan of river beaches and one finally made the list of Australia’s best beaches.

07. This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay – the comedy show.

08. ‘Best culture 2019’ – lists of movies, tv shows, music, theatre and podcasts you might have missed.

09. ‘Without women the novel would die’ – interesting.

10. I think the Australian cover better represents the story, but the US cover of Charlotte Wood’s The Weekend is gorgeous nonetheless.

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*At last count:

  • 11.3 million acres destroyed (the Amazon fires were 2.24 million acres) – this area is bigger than the Netherlands
  • 2500 buildings destroyed, and thousands of people displaced
  • 21 people dead but six more unaccounted for (this is far less than the Black Saturday fires, mostly because legislation put in place after those fires enabled the state government to force evacuations)
  • 480 million animals killed.

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  1. Hard to grasp how anyone can deny the reality of climate change in the face of such ferocious fires but unfortunately it seems many still do throughout the world – some of them in positions of power.

    • We are safe but family and friends have not been so lucky. My cousin (who lives in another state) lost her business and friends in regional areas have been evacuated. The biggest problem for Melburnians is the layer of smoke which has made air quality extremely bad – had a few days where we’ve had to stay inside.

    • They keep publishing maps to demonstrate the area that is burning – basically the size of The Netherlands/ most of England – it certainly puts it in perspective.

  2. That article about Australia as the canary for climate change impact makes for sobering reading. One thing I don’t understand is why there hasn’t been more of an international effort to help tackle these fires – the emergency services personnel on the ground must be exhausted and surely could do with some support?

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