Sample Saturday – three from Six Degrees

Sample Saturday is when I wade through the eleventy billion samples I have downloaded on my Kindle. I’m slowly chipping away and deciding whether it’s buy or bye.

Happenstance by Carol Shields

Why I have it: Spotted in Margaret’s Six Degrees chain.

Summary: Story of a marriage from two perspectives (the wife and the husband).

I’m thinking: Yes.

The Naturalist by Thom Conroy

Why I have it: Spotted in Lisa’s Six Degrees chain.

Summary: Historical novel based on the real life of Dr Ernst Dieffenbach: scientist, explorer, revolutionary, outcast.

I’m thinking: Maybe.

Louis & Louise by Julie Cohen

Why I have it: Spotted on Cathy’s Six Degrees chain.

Summary: One life, lived different ways (being born male or female). Louis and Louise are the same in many ways – same best friends, same parents, same dream of being a writer. But because of their gender, everything looks different.

I’m thinking: Yes.



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  1. How interesting that Happenstance and Louis and Louise share that dual perspective, male vs. female. I’ve enjoyed all the Shields novels I’ve read and would like to revisit this one; I DNFed the Cohen, but perhaps you’ll get on better with it.

  2. I read Happenstance years ago & I can’t remember much but I do remember enjoying it and thinking the dual perspective worked well. Depending on how you get on, it may be time for a re-read!

  3. I finished Happenstance earlier this year and very much enjoyed it. It was the male/female perspectives that made it. Enough so that I wanted to check that Louis and Louise was already on my TBR list.

    In the paperback copy I read of Happenstance, the parts started on opposite sides of the book (and therefore upside down). Very clever – and one had to choose which to read first. I read it in the order of publication. The Husband’s Story was first published in Canada by McGraw-Hill Ryerson in 1980. Happenstance, The Wife’s Story was first published as A Fairly Conventional Woman in Canada by Macmillan of Canada 1982. The combined copy I read was first published in Great Britain by Fourth Estate Limited 1991 .

    The need for publishing info constructs the [paperback] book so that most will start with the wife’s story. I read in order of publication (ie husband first). Glad I did, although I suspect I would have enjoyed the other way ’round as well.

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