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01. I was lucky to see a production of my very favourite Shakespearean play last week – Twelfth Night. Frank Woodley was a stellar Sir Andrew (and that’s a large Melbourne Gin Co. gin, tonic and grapefruit next to my program, so obviously it was an ace night).

02. The Victorian State elections are of no interest to most of my readers however I’ll reiterate one thing that John Pesutto said as he essentially watched the loss of his job on live television – that if politicians continue to make politics about themselves (as opposed to the Party and policies), they will lose voters. Simple. I wonder if the Liberals in Canberra are taking heed?

03. I had always wondered about this.

04. Ages ago I was engrossed in a podcast called Homecoming – it’s an ‘audio thriller’ about a military protocol designed to prepare soldiers for redeployment. They’ve made it into a movie.

05. Northern Exposure revival? Bring it.

06. This story about an outback bookshop.

07. Very pleased that my son’s VCE reading for next year are two books that are in my TBR stack (The Secret River by Kate Grenville and Night by Elie Wiesel). I’m looking forward to read-along, even if my son isn’t!

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  1. It annoys me – everything annoys me eventually – that kids are made to read The Secret River as though it is some great revelation about settler-Indigenous relations. It’s a starting point, maybe, but not a patch on any of a half dozen, readable, Indig.Lit. novels, starting with That Deadman Dance, nor on Eleanor Dark’s The Timeless Land.

    • I’d like to think that I will be supplementing his reading with other books – I’ll keep you posted! But I agree, a broader syllabus would be better. I was thinking back to what I read in Year 11 and my Australian text was Sally Morgan’s My Place.

  2. Twelfth Night is my favourite too! I’m so glad Sir Andrew was stellar, he’s easily overlooked.

    I can’t believe he blagged his way into that illustration job! That’s impressive.

    I feel conflicted about a Northern Exposure revival, but I’m hopeful…

  3. They’re bringing back Northern Exposure!? I mean they’re bringing everything else back so why not. I love food shows but I’ve only watched one episode of The Great British Baking Show. I think I caught it at the wrong time because it totally stressed me out and I know it’s supposed to have the complete opposite effect. lol I’ll try again someday.

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