Best books of 2018 – a list of lists

It’s that time of the year when newspapers and magazines publish their ‘Best of 2018’ lists.

Last year, lists began appearing early November – this year, editors have shown restraint, so I will keep adding as they appear.

The Best of 2018 According to #ALLTHELISTS will be coming in the next week or so – stay tuned! (See pervious lists here).

Publishers Weekly – short lists for various genres (includes lots of interesting translated picks).

New York Times Notable Books 2018 – so many of these on my wishlist. See the NYT top ten here.

Esquire – excellent mix of 50 fiction and nonfiction titles.

Indigo’s Best Books of 2018 – lots of titles on this list that aren’t appearing anywhere else.

Washington Post’s Best Books of 2018 – concise list of ten books (plus 50 notable fiction titles here)

Readings The Best Fiction Books of 2018 – a mix of Australian and international authors.

The New York Public Library Best Books of 2018 – top tens for kids, teens and adults.

The Evening Standard Best Books of 2018 – writers and reviewers do the picking.

Financial Times Best Books of 2018 Fiction – a fair list of 20 tiles.

TIME The Best Fiction Books of 2018 – a safe list of ten.

Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction Books of 2018 – broken down into useful categories such as ‘best fictional families’ and ‘best debuts’. You’re sure to find a ripper here.

Amazon Best Books of 2018 – there’s a bunch of genre lists but I’m interested in the 20 books that made the literature and fiction list.

The Telegraph’s 50 Best Books of 2018 – it’s behind a pay wall but you can get temporary free access.

The Times Best Fiction Books of 2018 – they make you skip through some ‘register to read’ hoops in order to get to the list of 20 books.

NPR’s Best Books of 2018 – use the filters to wade through this 300-strong list.

Real Simple’s The Best Books of 2018 – another really, really long list (125) that has a bit of everything.

Cosmopolitan’s Best Books of 2018 – one for each week…

Vogue The 10 Must-Read Books of 2018 – all the movers and shakers here.

Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best Books 2018 – mix of fiction and non-fiction, sorted into lists for adults, teens and kids.

Bustle 30 Best Fiction Books of 2018 – female authors dominate this list.

Chicago Tribune’s Our 10 Best Books of 2018 – interesting choice of 10 fiction and non-fiction titles.

Smithsonian The Best Books of 2018 – five separate ‘thoughtfully curated lists’.

The Guardian Best Books of 2018 – I’d prefer an actual list but good if you like commentary.

Newsday’s Best Books of 2018 – a trim list of ten.

The Globe 100: Our favourite books of 2018 – nine categories, ranging from graphic and translated to non-fiction and YA. Expect a Canadian focus.

Australian Book Review 2018 Books of the Year – authors do the nominating.

The Economist Books of the Year – a non-fiction focus with a small bunch of novels.

The Week’s Best Books of 2018 – okay, this list is actually quite different.

The New Yorker Best Books of 2018 – hard not to love a list that begins with the editorial comment, ‘Meanwhile, in 2018, our politics further devolved into a baying theatre of horror. How do you read when the world is burning?

Vulture’s The Ten Best Books of 2018 – essays, ‘auto-fiction’ and everything in between.

Wall Street Journal The Best Fiction and Nonfiction of 2018 – a few surprises in nonfiction.

EW’s 10 Best Books of 2018 – I don’t know… feels like they just copied everyone else.

Huffington Post Best Fiction of 2018 – eleven books made the cut.

Sydney Morning Herald Best Books of 2018 – authors chip in with their favourites.

People’s The Top Ten Best Books of 2018 – one or two surprises.

Buzzfeed’s The Best Fiction of 2018 – a list of 28.

Mental Floss’s 56 Best Books of 2018 – a lot on this list that doesn’t appear anywhere else (including lots of interesting nonfiction picks).


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  5. Who doesn’t love book lists, and of course lists of lists – bravo for putting all of this together. I wonder how many from all these titles will still be spoken of and written about in years to come…

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