Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Can’t believe I’m so late to Arrested Development

02. Related (not really): Bananarama are FINALLY touring Australia. Supported by Tiffany. Can’t wait.

03. I went to the Trace podcast panel discussion at the Wheeler Centre last week. Journalist Rachael Brown; homicide detective, Ron Iddles; and Maria James’s (now adult) son, Mark, discussed how the making of the podcast had impacted the ongoing investigation into Maria’s brutal murder in 1980. Two things stood out – Brown’s emphasis on being a ‘story teller’ not a ‘story taker’, and how emotional Iddles is about this case (it was his first homicide in a career that investigated 300+ homicides – only four are unsolved).

04. More on podcasts – heard that they were making a movie of both Serial and Dirty John… I wonder about the line between deriving ‘entertainment’ from actual events and respecting the victim’s privacy/ story? Maybe that line has already been crossed with podcasts? (note that Serial is not a dramatization of events but a series about the making of the podcast – I’ll look forward to that).

05. Still more – this episode of Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, Revisionist History, about Elvis and his parapraxis (Freudian slips) is fabulous.

06. If you enjoyed that episode of Revisionist History you have probably been trying to find Somebody’s Something by Kaci Bolls – it’s here.

07. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret to be made into a film. It better be ace.

08. The more counselling I do, the more I think social prescribing should be invested in (it’s not a big thing in Australia).

09. A list of the world’s best hotel pools. Can’t put into words how much I love this list. And this list, while I’m at it.

10. Red apple cider sangria sounds like a plan.

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5 responses

  1. Arrested Development is *so* great 😀 Better late than never!

    Bananarama are my hair idols to this day.

    I was at a wedding at the weekend and someone was talking about Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast – thanks for the reminder, the Elvis one sounds hilarious!

    Social prescribing isn’t a thing here but I’m hoping it gains more momentum – I’m convinced its an effective way forward.

    Red apple cider sangria sounds perfect for summer and autumn – a definite plan!

  2. On the first day of our Italian holiday, ages ago, H and I both marvelled at the likeness of the guy who owned the local deli to Robert De Niro. You can guess the earworm that plagued us for two weeks.

  3. Nearly all this week’s list went right over my head – but social prescribing, I’d go along with that. Milly and I tried rock n roll dancing for a while (after we’d separated), we were complete duds at it but at least we were interacting.

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