Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Woohoo. I finally got Cloud of the Day (for the Mamma cloud above).

02. Man Booker Prize 2017 shortlist – thoughts? I’ve only read one – let’s just say refugee-magic-realism isn’t my genre.

03. I fell down a TED blackhole yesterday. This. God. She made me cry, for all sorts of reasons.

04. The 2000s. When’s he going to the 80s?!

05. My son got a quarter-pipe for his birthday. Husband is drawing up a waiver for #ALLTHEKIDS in the neighbourhood who are now using our driveway as a skate park. So, of course, this is relevant:

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  1. When I was a kid in the bush (Murrayville, Vic 1960) the town got itself a trampoline, briefly. And our star imported footballer landed on his face on the frame. Don’t know who paid, but it was a while before he played.

  2. I have saved the Sue Klebold clip to watch tomorrow. My daughter is flying the coop (again) tonight for a long time away. Apparently Sue K’s book is amazing. I listed it on my list of books to get and read. You know that list. It comprises the biggest bulldog clip you’ve ever seen of scraps of papers and notes. I should blog that list.

  3. Thanks, Kate, for the link to the TED talk. Looks really interesting. Will have to watch it late in the day as it will make me cry too and then I’ll probably get a headache 🤕

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