Book vs. Film: The Light Between the Oceans


  • The scenery in the movie was spectacular but Stedman created a sense of isolation in the book that was pretty special.
  • The plot is more believable in the book. In the movie there are too many visits to the mainland.
  • The ‘battle’ between Tom and Isabel was carefully balanced in the book and driven by grief. In the movie, Isabel seemed petulant and Tom weak.
  • Films will always struggle when the story hinges on a very long passage of time.

Book here. Film here.



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    • I initially dismissed the book as being one of those things that some publishers call ‘women’s fiction’ (a term I despise) but then a guy I know asked if I’d read it, adding “I’ve never cried so much reading a book”. I love a good tear-jerker so I was sold (cried my eyes out!).

    • I’m sure if we got down to specifics about the plot (which we’ll avoid because of spoilers) then we’d agree on the same scenes in the movie that let it down in comparison to the book.

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