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I have a very short attention span when it comes to television. When the millionth season of whatever is announced, I’ve already tuned out. It takes a lot to hold my interest after one or two seasons however, there’s a bunch of shows that I have enjoyed, from beginning to end.

From the eighties and nineties, my absolute favourites (as opposed to the shows everyone watched: Melrose Place, 21 Jump Street, Moonlighting, Seinfeld, Ally McBeal and Friends) were –

01. Cold Feet – there’s one bit I actually never thought I’d recover from…

02. This Life – spent a good hour every week debriefing with work colleagues over this show.

03. Felicity – The. Best. Show. (also, Team Ben)

04. Party of Five – cried, every week.

05. Teachers – funny, sentimental, grim.

Once I had kids, I started binge-watching (to be honest, binged on crap). I didn’t have the time or the brain-space to watch tele in a leisurely or thoughtful way –

06. Grey’s Anatomy – it’s ridiculous, I know. Soooo over-the-top. Anyway, the finale of season six gave me a three day migraine (also, Team McDreamy).

07. North Square – I’ve never been into courtroom dramas – this was the exception.

08. Gossip Girl – Blair and Chuck…

09. Scrubs – never failed to make me laugh.

10. Downton Abbey – if only for Maggie Smith.

11. Hollowmen – half laughing, half horrified – it’s billed as a comedy but is actually exactly what my previous workplace was like. Exactly.

My most recent favourites (granted, have only seen one season of some of these…) –

12. Catastrophe – possibly have never laughed so hard at a show.

13. Banshee – the most violent and gripping thing I’ve ever seen (fun fact: it’s written by Jonathan Tropper).

14. UnREAL – now I can watch The Bachelor with a whole new appreciation.

15. Utopia – another cringe-laugh combo modeled on my previous workplace.

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  1. Totally agree with your list. Hollowmen – a fave. Ashamed to say that I never saw Catastrophe, but is on my TBW list. Am currently working my way through ER. I’ve seen every episode up to season 9 so far (that’s every episode with Dr Greene, Dr Ross, Dr Benton). Impressive or tragic? Can’t make up my mind.

    • Oddly, I never watched ER (with all the ‘talent’ in the cast, I have no idea why not!). The only other medical show that I’ve watched (and just realised should have been on this list, although I missed the last few seasons) was House.

      You MUST watch Catastrophe. It is hilarious.

  2. I still haven’t watched Downton Abbey. I don’t know why I didn’t watch it when it first started, but I eventually decided not to watch it because everyone else was.

    Chuck and Blair 4eva.

  3. I recognise a few there – Utopia and Hollow Men I also love(d). I enjoyed UnREAL as well and am looking forward to season 2. I love TV far more than movies. Not sure why but TV on DVD (or Netflix I guess) is my fave thing… other than books!

    • I enjoy the experience of going to the movies and yet rarely watch them at home – my home viewing is confined to series or crap like Real Housewives of Anywhere which I don’t actively watch but just have on in the background while I read or do crosswords.

  4. OMG!!!!! This Life!!

    I devoured that show in it’s all too brief run. I now watch The Walking Dead simply because I spotted that Egg was the lead actor in it!

    Utopia and Hollowmen and Frontline were all big favourites with me too.

    I also binge watched Roswell back in the late 90’s and before that Northern Exposure.

    Mr Books also converted me to West Wing.

    I loved the first two seasons of Downton but it got too soapy for me after that.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane πŸ™‚

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