Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


Some things I’ve done; some things I’m going to do; and some things I want to do.

01. All the dinner events at Po’ Boy Quarter

02. Sing Street

03. Jasper Jones

04. A gin tour*

05. Bad Moms

06. Tomato relish comp @ RMS (I’m going for the big one this year!)

07. Free State of Jones (because Matthew, obvs)

08. The Beast

09. Melbourne Writers Festival

10. Footy finals for my littlest boy and soccer finals for my middlest boy



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  1. Re “Sing Street”, not a major classic but quite a good small budget UK film; worth seeing, but it’s only on at the Nova, Lygon Street now, so be quick.

  2. I tried gin once … on the same night I had wine, vodka, and some tequila. Or maybe it was white rum. I don’t know. I’ve never touched gin again.

    Good luck with the relish!

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