Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

I realise that this edition of Bookish Thoughts is more Not So Bookish. And it also says a lot about what I like. I hope you’ll still be my friend…

01. Air Supply. Last night. Those guys sure do have some pipes.

02. I know, Russell is an absolute spunk-rat.


03. I didn’t realise that this was my life’s dream until I saw the article.

04. When discussing the above with a friend I mentioned that I had a plan to have some of my old SVH covers framed. And then yesterday she spotted this. #samebutdifferent

05. And good to see that Meet Me At Mikes and I are in heated agreement about Marie Kondo.

06. Shit yeah. The Hills. Back for one more episode. I’m excited. Don’t judge.

07. The article is a little old but it’s always good to remind ourselves that we need more Bananarama in our lives.

08. Lucky, lucky, lucky audience.

09. Tomorrow night: Culture Club. All the yays.


10. Closing with a little more Air Supply – that’s Graham, growing out of my head. I know. Ace.


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  1. I’m obviously too old, or too American. I had to look up the definition of “spunk-rat”.

    spunk-rat = attractive member of the opposite sex. Usually used with reference to the male.

  2. My husband bought the Marie Kondo book. It made me so anxious that I had to ask him not to read it in front of me. I love clutter. So does he, but he’s in denial.

    I wanted to be Keren from Bananarama. Siobhan scared me. Sarah seemed like she was there to keep an eye on the other two. They were the best girlband.

    I’m going to leave this here: Benny Andersson has still got it.

    • I think you have every reason to be afraid (very afraid) of Marie Kondo. But for all my moaning about her treatment of books, the wardrobe clean-out I did was the most drastic one I’ve ever done – no regrets so far!

      Re: Bananarama – like me, you obviously don’t overthink these things so clearly you’re tops πŸ™‚

  3. Fun post, and I get all emotive when I listen to Air Supply. I am now hearing the tunes as I write this. Thanks for sharing this delightful (mostly non-bookish) post (lol)..and for visiting mine.

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