Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


01. I have a seriously huge weekend: Eurovision, The Pearl Fishers, the Sound of Music musical and hoping to squeeze in seeing the Blues play on Sunday.

02. You know how much I love Eurovision, right? Obviously I’m barracking for not-a-European-country-but-allowed-in-because-of-dedication-to-the-cause entrant Australia, but I do think that Ireland and Czech Republic will be front-runners.

**post-semi-final-2-update: Lithuania for the win (Ireland robbed. Australia was awesome).**

03. *sigh* some people just can’t play nicely though.

04. Nearly 100 eighties bands in seven seconds – I actually can’t stop watching this.

05. I have a new favourite stripey t-shirt. Hooray!

06. Last week I mentioned the funniest book I’ve read so far this year – a few days later I discovered Harrington has a new book out next year. Hooray!


07. Those that know me IRL, know that I change my fragrance about once a decade. If that. *hey, I’m loyal* I’m considering this but putting it through my rigorous testing process*.

08. I love a variation on a theme – this rosé sangria.


08. Soft-shell crab sliders are in my very-near-future.

* trying it on a million times in the shop over the course of six months and waiting to see if it gives me a migraine.

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  1. My weekend will also feature lots of Eurovision! Trying to psych myself up to get up at 5am for our semi-final but seriously not a morning person, so there’s lots of reasons to doubt my ability to follow this through!

    • Too many times I’ve bought perfumes after trying them in the shop, only to put them on when I get home and hate them (always happens after the Duty Free Pressure Buy). Or they give me a headache.

    • Did you think the second semi was not quite as competitive as the first? I picked 7 of the 10 (seriously though, Georgia… what were the judges thinking?!).

  2. Of course I’m only just catching up on blogs now so know you’ve enjoyed Eurovision!

    I must admit I haven’t even seen Dami’s song so am hoping your post today includes a link!

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