It’s not all about books

It’s true, I spend a vast amount of time reading – books, book blogs, book reviews – but in all of that time, not a lot of it is spent reading stuff that is not book-related. My Twitter-feed is heavily weighted to publishing, authors and book reviews; my blogroll features predominantly fellow book-bloggers; and I don’t do Facebook or Insta… It’s only my (rarely used but nonetheless loved) Pinterest account that reveals online interests other than books – namely gin, cooking, swimming pools, and travel destinations I dream about.

Here are my favourite websites that aren’t about books –

01. Dear Photograph and Back to the Future – I’m going to do this one day. Just trying to find denim as ace as what I wore then:

backtothefuture 1

02. Broadsheet – my good-ideas-for-a-night-out go-to-spot

03. And if I haven’t found what I’m looking for on Broadsheet, I hit The Urban List

04. How Sweet It Is – clever cooks who take beautiful photographs win me

05. Drizzle and Dip – ditto

06. Lady and Pups – ditto with added snark

07. The Little Library Cafe – okay, it’s a bit bookish…

08. The Ginstress – needs no explanation

09. I do like the websites associated with my favourite magazines – International Traveller and Australian Gourmet Traveller

10. Slow Travel Berlin – and in particular, the #52lakes project

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  1. Thanks for the Berlin site link. I’m off for my third visit in September, starting a little jaunt around Central Europe there. One of my favourite cities alongside Lisbon and Amsterdam.

    • Lucky, lucky you! So jealous 🙂

      I went to Berlin for the first time two years ago – I had been to Germany many times but have ‘family’ (I was an exchange student there) in the south, so each time I visit I spend all my time in the south. I finally got to Berlin and fell in love – my few days were no where near enough and I’m planning to have much longer there and do it the ‘slow’ way! I came across Slow Berlin because they run interesting historical walks and bike rides along the entire wall, so you can see where the wall cut through suburbs.

  2. I love how your non-bookish interests are just alcohol and travel. That’s really everything anyone ever needs lol. Great List I’ll definitely have to check some of these out

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