Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


1. Katering Show. Plasagne. That is all.

2. And if you’re in any doubt about their brilliance, check out their parody of the Depp apology.

3. Having an ever-so-tiny reading slump but hoping that the Reading Roulette pick will turn things around.

4. This interview with Monica Lewinsky – her thoughts on online bullying are smart (and new).

5. I’ll probably have to read this.

6. It’s articles like this one about Eurovision that makes me glad the interwebs is a thing (because otherwise, how would #ALLTHEPEOPLE ever find out about this?)

7. On the list of things I like in this life, subway ceramics rate fairly highly. Tiles, train station signage and transport logos always interest me. This article about Berlin’s U-Bahn typography is worth a look. Reminds me of this book I bought almost 20 years ago about New York’s subway.


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