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This post is actually more on the bookish side of the ledger this week…

1.Baileys Prize shortlist – I’ve read three of the six already (my reviews: Enright, McKenzie, Yanagihara). For originality alone, I’d like to see McKenzie win.

2. Miles Franklin longlist – I have many thoughts about this list, the main ones being that Wood will should win and why, why, why are Hope Farm and The World Without Us together again? Can we please, please, please temporarily suspend stories about communes? Thanks.

3. I’ve finished my Stella Prize shortlist reading so have returned to the Ferrante which I’d had to stop midway… I don’t know… I just can’t seem to get into it… Do I abandon…?

4. I was mighty pleased to see that my local was named International Bookstore of the Year.

5. Related to no.4, it’s this shop that tests my book-buying-ban on a regular basis.

6. Wish I could see Sarah Koenig speak… (if you’re reading this Sarah, please come to Australia).

7. Shopping with a friend one day and she said to me, “Do you think you could buy something without stripes?” NO. Which is why I want everything at La Ligne.


8. Marimekko for Target? I’ll take one of everything, thanks.*

9. I have tickets for this and I am way, way too excited already.

10. Were you Culture Club or Duran Duran?

*my freight forwarder better BRACE THEMSELVES.

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  1. Lovely to have such a great bookshop on your doorstep. Is there a connection with Jen Campbell? As an ex-bookseller I’m very fond of her customer quotes.

    You’ve probably spotted that there’s another commune novel making it’s way up the schedules – this one with a Charles Manson connection…

    • I don’t think there’s any connection to Jen Campbell – I suspect Readings were opportunistically advertising a book that would appeal to bookshop lovers!

      The next commune novel… Is that The Girls by Emma Cline? (I have that in my TBR stack – not feeling very enthused by it at the moment).

    • I’m excited. Wondering how many people in the audience will dress up (when I went to Madonna, people had gone to great lengths to recreate her various looks).

    • I want all the tableware, all the beach gear, the bike and all the dresses. It’s going to be expensive….

      I always say, never give up on a dream…

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    • I’m not sure what to expect because interviews with Boy George do suggest he is much more low-key these days but last time I saw him in concert (17 years ago!), it was CRAZY!

  3. Ahhh! All of these longlists and shortlists coming out lately, it’s hard to keep track of them all xD I haven’t read any of the books shortlisted for the Baileys Prize but I am curious by some of them; The Portable Veblen sounds especially quirky! 🙂

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