Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

1. I spent last Sunday night in the presence of Her Madgesty. Here are some of my thoughts (in chronological order):

  • What should I wear to a Madge concert? Desperately Seeking Susan biker-chic? Some La Isla Bonita ruffles? Some structured Vogue corsetry? Some Music gangsta-luxe?
  • Certainly a mixed crowd here tonight… *note to self: glad I didn’t date myself by choosing to dress in my favourite Madonna era*
  • Well… No mistaking what THAT stage is supposed to be.


  • Holy hell. Madge is 57. Fifty-frickin-seven and she does eleventy-million squats as part of her dance routine every concert. My knees hurt just watching.
  • Lucky I’m comfortable with the word fuck. And pole-dancing nuns.
  • Oh look! Madonna’s in her undies on the Last Supper table. That’s a surprise (but pole-dancing nuns weren’t…)


  • Brief Borderline regret but she played Like a Prayer and it’s like an angel sighing.
  • And True Blue! We were bouncing in our sensible-for-a-concert-but-still-age-appropriately-stylish shoes.
  • Best. Concert. Ever.

2. The Stella Prize Book Club is underway. All the action is over on Twitter on Monday nights. It’s tops.

3. In honour of St.Patrick’s Day (and the fact that I have my own Patrick), this and my very, very favourite:

I never get tired of listening to Mary’s voice (“Poor Patrick!”).

4. And this pic of the dome in the Reading Room in Dublin’s National Library. Beautiful.


5. I love these modern mixtapes.

milktape mixtape

6. This story about a penguin made something suddenly get in my eye…

7. 400 kinds of mother’s ruin? Can I sponsor my own bar stool?


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    • That whole story about people waiting was such a storm in a teacup – most of the stories failed to mention that it was an exclusive, FREE, ‘private’ show for a few hundred hard-core fans – my guess is they would have waited 10 hours for her!

    • I’m glad others are reacting to the penguin in the same way that I am… was wondering if I was unusually fragile when I read it!

      Melbourne will never be a gin-destination like London, but it is certainly having a good go at it. Yay!

    • The dome is amazing, isn’t it? I went to Dublin years ago but for some reason only went to the library at Trinity College (which is amazing and I think one of the most photographed libraries…) – I need another trip!

    • It’s been a long wait in Australia for Madonna! Her last concert (which I also went to) was The Girlie Show and it was 23 years ago! (please don’t tell me you were two-years-old at that time 😀 ). Anyway, did have fun explaining to my kids that as it was 23 years ago, we had to camp put overnight for tickets – a world without internet! Also explained that Madonna is the QUEEN and that 99% of current pop singers would say that she was a major influence.

  1. I love that mix tape! Retro vibe for the modern era…I like it. Too bad most kids these days wonʻt really know the struggle of putting together a real mix tape, haha.

    Oh that penguin story…<3 I also have something in my eye.

    Looks like you had a blast at the concert!

    • It’s true, they won’t know the real struggle of the mix tape, although I did like the fact that the USB only holds 12-15 songs, so at least they have to be careful about song selection!

  2. The St. Patrick video was very cute. I also listened to the Lazarus one, as told by the same girl – Jesus stops by Lazarus’ house for a cup o’ tea. 🙂

  3. Madonna is 57?!!! Wow. That really makes me feel old, but hey, she’s in great shape so that’s inspiring. Glad to hear you had fun. Love the dome in the Dublin’s National Library! I have a collection of library pics on my Pinterest Board that I love staring at. Thanks for visiting my bookish post!

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