Six Degrees of Separation – from Elizabeth is Missing to Tales of the City


It’s six degrees of separation for books. Created by Emma Chapman and Annabel Smith. Check out the rules if you want to play along.

We begin with Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healy. It’s a mystery involving an elderly woman. A similar theme runs through The Night Guest by Fiona McFarlane.

It has a tiger on the cover which makes me think of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. Have you read it? Chua is a maniac, particularly about her daughters’ music.

Kids and music leads me to Welcome to Your New Life by Anna Goldsworthy – Goldsworthy was/is a concert pianist. And then she had a baby.


A baby can be challenging, as Elisa Albert explores in her controversial new release, After Birth.

Two very different stories but the covers of After Birth and Rainey Royal by Dylan Landis are one of the same in my mind. Shut up. I know they look completely different now that they’re next to each other but it’s that tapestry/ damask/ fabric thing.

Stories set in the seventies (such as Rainey Royal) link me to the ultimate – the Tales of the City series by Armistead Maupin.

Mysteries, tigers, stage mums, book covers and the seventies – all in six moves.


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  1. I totally get the similarities of those covers. The Night Guests has an amazing cover. I didn;t get in to Tales of the City but I did love Maupin’s book The Night Listener – which would link nicely to The Night Guest!

    • Haven’t read The Night Listener. Admittedly, I read the Tales of the City series decades a go (!) and haven’t yet read the final installment that was was released last year.

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