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judy-blume-in-the-unlikely-eventIt’s a speed edition. Because up to my eyeballs in bacteriophage genetics.

1. This.

2. And this*.

3. I like these.

4. Saw this earlier in the week. Always beautiful.

5. Although person behind me started whispering at beginning of Un bel dì vedremo. Fairly certain that’s a criminal offense.

6. And last but not at all least… WE HAVE A NEW ROYAL BABY! I love a Royal Baby. Look at her dear little face…

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* Is it weird to want a book about microbes for Mother’s Day?


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  1. I love the royal baby too. And at Butterfly last night, a phone went off! In row in front of us, right there. You could feel the hatred towards the stupid woman. A frisson of rage swept the space. And then with the cast’s [non] curtain call, people booe’d Lt Pinkerton. Such poor form. How was the set? I thought it amazing. Might do a little response on my blog cause I did have quite a few reactions to the performance, not all good, but overall it was wonderful.

    • CAN NOT believe someone would leave a phone on!

      I can understand why you didn’t love the booing of Pinkerton but it does have a bit of history to it – like a villain in a pantomime, Pinkerton often gets booed (can’t think of another opera where this regularly happens but I’m sure it does). Anyway, some of the singers who play Pinkerton aren’t happy with their performance unless they get booed… Go figure?! There was no booing the night I went because it was opening night – the cast got a standing ovation. The word is that it’s the last season that that production will be shown (probably about time – reckon I’ve seen it at least seven times). All that said, the use of the water on stage and the scene with the moon is stunning.

      • OK I did wonder whether the booing had a context. I admit I felt it myself. Thanks for that snippet of background. Yes the moon backdrop and water was stunning.

  2. Being “up to my eyeballs in bacteriophage genetics” sounds a much better excuse than I could ever dream up for not doing a blog post. Isn’t bacteriophage a fabulous word – must try and find a way to drop that into a conversation tomorrow…

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