Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like To Own


I was standing in a supermarket queue with my son (who was about three at the time) – he had just put on a big performance over not being allowed anything from the wretched lolly display at the checkout. “But I need some!” he wailed. I calmly replied, “You want some, you don’t need them. Want and need are different things.” A woman standing behind me sniggered and, gesturing to her stack of shopping bags said “I needed all this!”

Yes, we’re grown-ups and we understand the difference between want and need. So we also appreciate that I need all of the following:

10. Perfume. That smells like paper. Perfect.


9. Flamingo croquet set (found here). Two facts about me: I love Alice and I played competitive croquet for a few years.


8. Never forget.


7. Jane Austen plasters – seriously, who doesn’t need these?


6. This Gatsby clutch from Kate Spade.


5. Wallpaper. In the right spot, with the right quote…


4. Bookends (made by Garth Borovika) – there’s something nostalgic about these for me…. Ironically, I own lots of bookends but have nowhere to put them (because all of my book shelves are completely filled).

literary thumbprint

3. Literary thumbprint. All the cool.


2. A Dick Bruna original. If only I had a spare £1500.


1.  Skrimshander’s Westish Harpooners jersey. It doesn’t have to be signed, I’d just like a Westish Harpooners jersey. And if you haven’t read The Art of Fielding, why the hell not?

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  1. I WANT NUMBER ONE TOO! And I have no idea how to go about getting it. I tweeted the publisher to no avail. I made a list for this week too, but I was far too lazy to include images for each one. Now I’m think I should because I liked being able to see each thing…

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