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I’m not really a big fan of shopping. Yes, I do like a museum gift shop but for the most part, when I’m holidays I restrict the hard-core shopping to a single afternoon. Given that my luggage was twice as heavy on my return journey as it was on the way, I obviously managed to pick up a few things…

5. Matilda the Musical London Cast Recording CD – we’ve had it on repeat ever since I got home. The kids have their favourite tracks and I have mine but quite frankly, the whole thing is just brilliant.

4. Jo Malone London Rain fragrances. Not many designers would take their inspiration from London’s relentless rain but I’m glad Jo Malone did. Rain & Angelica and Wisteria & Violet found their way home with me, just right for a Melbourne winter.

3. Some V&A Museum mementos – a Cilea cocktail ring in the shape of a flower and a print, Red Myrtle by Petra Börner – I love her designs – they’re bold and vibrant yet delicate and quite pretty at the same time. Can’t wait to get it on my wall.

2. Henry VIII Russian dolls – Oh. My. Goodness. We have had fun with these, be-heading the wives and such. Look at little Catherine Parr (so tiny I’m afraid we might lose her).


1. ALL THE SHOES at Russell & Bromley. Actually, my efforts in this one store were obscene. Ordinarily, I resist buying shoes – they never seem comfortable or quite right. At Russell & Bromley, every pair I tried on felt like slippers. Seize the day, I say. This winter I’ll be wearing Chelsea ankle boots, blue loafers in a colour so exquisite that the picture barely does them justice, and glittery ankle boots that are so fabulous I expect people will stop and ask where I found them. I also bought some ace tan elastic-sided boots in Berlin. And the elastic is blue.


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  1. I love that you bought things that were unique to the area- I know so many people that will buy regular old clothes on vacation just because they feel that “wheeeee I’m on vacation it’s time to spend money” feel. My luggage is always full enough to begin with!

    • I always make a point of seeking out local designers or things specific to an area. One thing I do have a habit of picking up – Christmas tree decorations (I have quite a collection from all over the world now, each reminds me of a particular trip. London’s tree decoration was a corgi, embroidered in gold thread and wearing a little crown).

  2. Matilda! Lucky you. I am completely in love with Tim Minchin (who wrote the music + won lots of awards for it). Let me clarify—it’s one of those ‘in love with’s’ where I’m happy to admire from afar. I don’t want to upset his wife. Or my husband. Who I love dearly, and have done for the past twenty-three years …

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