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best books of 2013

It’s a bunch of random thoughts. Some are about books. Others are about beds, vague-booking and same-sex marriage. Join in the fun at Bookishly Boisterous.

1. Further to my Best Books of 2013 List of Lists last week, I spotted this nifty infograph (above) on Twitter that rounds up the book titles that most critics have cited in their 2013 Best-of lists (via @Angelo85)


2. BC (Before Children) I spent a lot of time cooking – mostly lavish dinner parties with carefully planned menus. One of the things I always enjoyed making was ice cream. My ice cream churn has been gathering dust for a few years but I’m pulling it out this summer after buying Gelato Messina – The Recipes.  These guys are gelato masters (actually, they’re described as ‘ice cream architects’) and all I can say is “Pavlova Gelato, get in my mouth.”


3. Took the plunge and bought a new bed yesterday. The sales assistant didn’t bat an eyelid  when I gestured to my husband and said “I want a bed that lets me sleep like he isn’t even there.”

4. I hate to be a vague-booker but an opportunity to work on a project came my way this week that I have a really good feeling about (I work on gut instinct 99% of the time) – it’s excellent to feel really, truly excited about a project.  If it progresses, I’ll be shouting from the rooftops.

5. Some arsehole broke into my car this week (it was parked in the driveway). They emptied out all the rubbish from the glovebox and console, scattered it over the seats, took some spare change (but not all of it?!) and then left a mince pie in a little package on the driver’s seat. Let’s file that under #WTF and refer to image below.

6. Then today my email was hacked (and therefore suspended by my provider). Refer to image below.

7. For a mere moment (one week), the Australian Capital Territory offered same-sex marriage. Today the High Court of Australia took it away. There are lots of things going on in Australia right now that sadden me. And to our government, refer to the image below.


8. And because I’m a Pollyanna and MUST finish on a good note, here’s something that made me laugh this week:

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  1. That’s really cool that you make ice cream. Mmm, gelato…

    Thanks for sharing that above infograph, that’s really cool how they presented it (very pretty :))

    Sorry to hear about your email account! And am still trying to wrap my head around the whole leaving-a-mince-pie bit…

    Good luck re: #4! 🙂

  2. #3 cracked me up! ou are so funny- I thought we were the only couple that liked to sleep like that! Every morning I look at him and ask how he managed to put all the covers on my side and leave himself with none. I do not get a response.

  3. I do love that Molly Ringwald image. #7 makes me mad too, but hey, my straight marriage is safer now…or whatever. Fun fact: I don’t refer to my husband as my husband, I refer to him as my partner. For some reason it drives him crazy. The right to marry whomever you choose is a constant problem here too, as is a woman’s right to choose.

    #5 – Sorry, but funny. Fun fact: I hate mince pie…

    #4 – I hope it turns out well. It’s not payback for my doing the same thing last week is it…? 😉

    • #5 I also don’t like mince pies… Actually, not a fan of very much Christmas food except roast turkey (too much hot fruit going on…)

      #4 No, not pay-back, although I did think of you when I wrote it! I will share if it comes off (and promise that if it does, it will make for some interesting tweets).

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