Book vs. Film: The Hunger Games

book vs film The Hunger Games

Book (by a whisker).

  • The language was clever in the book – lost its impact in the movie.
  • Surprisingly, I felt more suspense in the book than the movie (unexpected).
  • But the cinematic scenes in the book (such as when the tributes were introduced) were brilliant on the screen.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

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  1. The crowd scenes were awesome in the movie. And the behind-the-scenes views of how the Games were controlled, but otherwise, yes, the book for me.

    • Agree, the crowd scenes were epic. I also liked the bits when they were prepping the tributes for the Games. I really thought I would feel the suspense more in the movie than in the book so was surprised when that didn’t happen – maybe because I knew what was coming?

  2. I’m going to have to disagree with you – kind of. I think the movie was really, really great adaptation of the book! My problem with the book that the movie solved, though, was Katniss. Uggghhhh she annoyed me! Of course, maybe I dislike her because I had finished the trilogy by that point, and was so happy to NOT be in Katniss’s stupid head again??

    Haha, don’t mean to be too harsh! I just get easily annoyed when characters are oblivious, and I don’t get how SHE didn’t understand what she had started. Why oh why would the revolution center on her, when she’s so bland and cannot seem to comprehend that the movement is bigger than her own stupid problems choosing between Gale and Peeta???

    Apologies for the rant… I had many other criticisms of the book, personally, so I felt that the movie vastly improved it! And seeing as I liked the books less as they went on…the movies might very well make Catching Fire and Mockingjay even better as well!

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