Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014 Wrap-up


I enjoy the Australian Women Writers Challenge – it goes a little way to addressing the gender bias in literary review pages, plus I try to buy my AWW titles from an independent book shop (doing my bit for the Australian publishing industry and independent booksellers).

This year, I upped the ante and signed up for the Franklin level (read ten books, review at least six). I romped it in. Continue reading

Just_a_girl by Kirsten Krauth

I read much of Kirsten Krauth’s just_a_girl with a feeling of horror. I hope Krauth doesn’t take that the wrong way because horror is a very powerful thing. And when you can make someone feel horrified (for hours) with your words, then I suspect you’re a very good writer.

Just_a_girl is not a gruesome book, nor is it violent or particularly explicit. However, it was passages such as the following that made me feel ill (with fear and with dread for my own children) –

“Davo’s pants dangle off and his mouth is open like a giant groper. His dick hangs like a little squishy balloon. Someone’s written FAGGOT on his forehead in glittery silver pen. I tag him and post the image on my profile. I send it to my Friends. I love Facebook. It’s all about sharing.”


“Some girls will fuck older guys for an iPod or 300 bucks. But I’m not like that, I want something more. And besides, dad gave me an iPod for my birthday. So I’m not that desperate.” Continue reading