A few short reviews

I’m back from London and The Continent. I really like the term ‘The Continent’ – far more Henry James than ‘Europe’ and it also reminds me of the eighties when people in Australia talked extensively about their ‘Continental holidays’ – they sounded so glamorous. Note that my two week trip included two visits to The Continent – a day-trip to Paris (as you do) and a few days in Berlin. As a result, I can now talk about ‘my most recent trip to The Continent’ (Berlin) and ‘my previous trip to The Continent’ (Paris). This makes me very happy indeed.

I’m sure I’ll bore you with holiday details in my next Bookish Thoughts post but in the meantime, I’ll share some quick thoughts on the books I read while I was away.

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Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


Christine at Bookishly Boisterous started this meme – try it! You might like it! (It’s not just for bookish blogs)

1. I missed this week’s Top Ten Tuesday meme which was all about reading resolutions. Given that I didn’t complete any of last year’s resolutions (with the exception of no.7 which involved buying more books), I didn’t even bother this year. However this is probably a good opportunity to mention War & Peace. I’ve never read it. I bought a copy. 2014 could be the year.

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