Yarra Valley Writers Festival

There are some upsides to our COVID-19 isolation. For example, events turning into online affairs. Such was the case with today’s Yarra Valley Writers Festival – had it been held as was intended (a weekend of author talks in the Yarra Valley), I would not have been able to attend, but with the cancellation of weekend sports and the Festival moved online, I was able to enjoy the full program.

The Festival was live-streamed over ten hours. I ‘attended’ eight sessions, which covered topics ranging from bushfires and nature, to grief, families and religion. Too much to recap, so instead some soundbites: Continue reading

In the Quiet by Eliza Henry-Jones

I was prepared to be devastated by Eliza Henry-Jones’s debut novel, In the Quiet. After all, it’s about a mother, who’s dead, observing her husband and three children from afar as they try to get on with life without her. Basically, ALL MY TRIGGERS.

But then, apart from a little wobbly moment at the very beginning (the dead mother, Cate, was watching her children sleep… I know, right?), I was strangely resistant to this story. And I can’t really put my finger on why.

“…Rafferty has curled up in a ball, his head underneath his pillow, his arms curled around his stomach. He says it so quietly, I barely catch it. ‘Mum,’ Rafferty whispers, his eyes pressed shut.”

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