Top Picks for Book Groups

book club

I’ve mentioned my book group previously. I love them all dearly but they’re not flash at reading the book. That would drive some people mental but, after 15 years, I’m okay with it. On the upside, whenever my book group actually does talk about the book for more than a few minutes, the book was obviously a good pick.

Over the last month or so, two of my Twitter buddies have asked for book group recommendations. Here’s what I suggested (all being books that got my book group really talking) – Continue reading

And this is why I love Twitter…

I use Twitter to make a note of what I’m currently #reading. I mentioned that I was finding Melanie Gideon’s Wife 22 an interesting read. Rory from Fourth Street Review chimed in… And then David Ebershoff, author of The 19th Wife piped up. Little, chance interactions. And this is why I love Twitter.

PS. As I said, The 19th Wife is a really interesting book  (but not related to Wife 22 in any way, shape or form).