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I’ve been part of my book group for more than ten years. We are a hodge-podge mix. It started with a core group of women that met at an editing and publishing course. Only one of the original members remains and over the years members of the group have come and gone.

There are no ‘rules’ – we pick our books from whatever people bring along to our (roughly) monthly meetings. Sometimes we get all serious, other times we choose something completely frivolous. It’s nice. It’s chatty. I like having a group of friends that are essentially completely separate from other parts of my life.

Sometimes we don’t talk about the book much at all (I’ve heard some book groups have lists of questions and guided discussions!).

I carry my books to book group in the bag shown above – it’s from Etsy’s Joy of Ex Foundation and it fits the tone of my group.

I’ll include a review of all the books we do for book group – and perhaps a follow-up post with the groups thoughts, should we get that far. Next on the agenda is Mateship With Birds by Carrie Tiffany.

What is your book group currently reading?

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