Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Dozens (or hundreds?…Felt like hundreds) of gin distillers at Junipalooza. We did our bit to support local industry. My absolute favourites for the day:

  • 5Nines Gincello (IKR?!) and Wild Citrus gin (might have had something to do with distiller Rupert, smacking those mint leaves around…)
  • Hapusa Himalayan Dry Gin and their Cricket Bat Gin (it’s all in the story).
  • Ambleside’s No.8 Botanical and Mandarin Gin (it isn’t flavoured as the name might suggest, but it’s very much citrus-forward and was served with a light tonic and a sliver of fresh ginger – delicious).

02. Basically spent every spare moment this week watching The Split. Bawled through the last few episodes. So Good.

03. And now I am obsessed with the season three soundtrack, written by Olivia Broadfield (this song in particular… pass the tissues).

04. Kicked off the British Film Festival with:

  • Mrs Harris Goes to Paris – the absolute epitome of ‘feel good’.
  • Living – a quiet, gentle film which emphasied the importance of the small moments (and a must-see for all the town planners out there). Incidentially, the screenplay is by Kazuo Ishiguro.

05. Tokyo Lamington arrives in Melbourne.

06. When I haven’t been listening to Olivia Broadfield, I have been listening to the podcast We Were Three.

07. My daughter did a lino cut of a local ‘landmark’ in the town where we stay over summer. Immediate happy-vibes when I look at it.

08. I Scream Nails has brought out a new formula and new colours. It does everything it promises on the label (I’ve been wearing Baby Gurl and Fuzzy Love this week).

09. I never get tired of Olive and Mabel.

10. Fiji. Next year. Yay.

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