Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Eggs. I have the same breakfast every morning (one egg on a wholemeal English muffin). I usually get eggs from someone I know who has chooks. When the clocks change for daylight saving, her chooks go off the lay and I have to buy at the supermarket. Anyway, her chooks finally started laying again last week and the eggs are HUGE (pictured on left. On the right are the ‘large’ supermarket eggs).

02. My best kind of night out – started with Love and Vulnerability at the State Library (Sarah Krasnostein and Rick Morton discussing structures of care, and social response to those expressing vulnerability) and ended with margaritas and tacos at Tres a Cinco.

03. Part of Opera Australia’s (very) slim Melbourne offerings this year was Mefistofele. It was performed as a concert rather than a production (the plain-wrap approach to opera), and although I missed the razzle-dazzle of a full production, I loved seeing an opera I had not seen before. The chorus part was particularly good.

04. Watching: The Staircase (Foxtel/ Binge) – let’s just say that Mr Darcy is a distant memory…

05. I haven’t followed literary prizes over the past two years, as I’ve done previously. I don’t know why – I’ll blame COVID. Nevertheless, I always cast an eye over lists. The 2022 Miles Franklin longlist has some rippers. I’ve read a handful but will be cheering for Claire Thomas and Jennifer Down.

06. A 900km bathing trail? It’s the best news ever (but we have to wait until 2030 – boo!).

07. The German Film Festival has started. I kicked off with Contra and it was an excellent choice.

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  1. 1. I have the same breakfast every day – porridge. But like you I get my eggs from a mate. I’ll have to show his chooks your picture and get them to lift their game.
    6.Never been in a hot spring.

    • My breakfast egg will last me through lunch as well!

      Hot springs are the best! One of my favourite winter days-out is a trip down to Rye to bathe at the hot springs – the combo of cold air and hot water is wonderfully relaxing.

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