Eurovision – Australia Decides

The big Eurovision news of the day is the fact that Russia has been banned from competing, but today is also the day that Australia decides on its Eurovision 2022 entry.

There are eleven contenders –

01. Bite Me by G-NAT!ON – no doubt the staging and choreography will be top notch but not enough opportunity for vocal gymnastics.
02. To The Bottom by Erica Padilla – the TikTok wildcard entry. It’s fine but not a winner.
03. My Body by Seann Miley Moore – so cheesy (but not in a winning-Eurovision way, more a urgh-way).
04. I Suck at Being Lonely by Charley – beautiful voice, gorgeous song with a strong Lana Del Ray vibe. If we want a power ballad instead of razzle-dazzle, then this.
05. Electrify by Andrew Lambrou – meh.
06. Not The Same by Sheldon Riley – good song but are we covering Arcade-ground here?
07. We Are One by Paulini – Paulini has a great voice but she doesn’t get to show her range with this disco tune (and the lyrics? Bad).
08. Little Fires by Jaguar Jonze – It’s got everything you want in a Eurovision song – light and shade, surprise elements, vocal theatre AND little lasers.

09. When I’m With You by Isaiah Firebrace & Evie Irie – meh.
10. Dreamer by Voyager – it has some glamour, it has a keytar – this one has grown on me and I’d certainly be okay if this song was selected.
11. I Won’t Need To Dream by Jude York – probably not enough razzmatazz but has all the big transitions that Eurovision fans demand, and there’s a decent show-offy bit. If the fans wanted something that gave a nod to COVID-existential-angst, this would be a great choice.

In summary – I’m voting for Jaguar Jonze (but Charley, Jude York and Voyager are all up there).

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  1. Good luck to Australia at Eurovision (I haven’t watched it in many, many years, but when your country participates, you do have some interest in what song is picked to represent you). And BRAVO to the Eurovision organization for banning Russia from the contest!!!

  2. I am happy this post is about your decision which song to enter and not to retreat from Eurovision altogher. Same as you, I welcome the decision to ban Russia, they need to be banned from anything that is done in a peaceful matter.

    Good luck to Australia!

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