Things that are making me happy this week

01. My Boxing Day tradition (above).

02. Seeing family and friends that I haven’t been able to see for many, many months/ years.

03. These were a big hit on Christmas Day.

04. …as was the massive jug of Bramble I mixed (using Patient Wolf Blackthorn Gin).

05. Watching: Bump S2 (Stan) – the perfect blend of drama and humour – and docuseries, LuLaRich (Prime) – ever had a friend try to sell you something…?!

06. Bretty for every day of the year (in the kitchen) and clouds for every day of the year (in the bathroom).

07. Seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation a squillion times but each time a different bit strikes me as the funniest – this year, Clark with Christmas tree sap on his hands – “Looks great… a little full… a lot of sap…”

08. When friends give you the perfect gifts – Adrift in Melbourne by Robyn Annear (walking, history, geography combined) and this vintage tablecloth.

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  1. Oh, that Adrift book sounds fab! Might see if I can source it here. In the olden days (ie 1988-1994) when I worked in various Melbourne bookstores part time would you believe there was ONLY ONE book available about Melbourne that wasn’t the Melways. I always remember thinking there was a gap in the market. So good to see so many titles available now!

  2. I like your Boxing Day tradition! I’ve never seen those Nestle Quality Streets over here, but I see I can get them via Amazon. Those popstic thingies look delicious, too, but I suppose they would melt before they reached me in Arkansas. lol

    The Melbourne book looks interesting and I loooove the vintage tablecloth!

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