Let’s just name it ‘out of control’ (the 2021 TBR stack)

Honestly, I didn’t even try this year. I let #ALLTHENEWBOOKS find their way onto my shelves.

I started the year with 344 books in the TBR, and I’ve finished with 356 (despite having read 89 so far).

I’m not going to set a goal for 2022. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the past two years, it’s that trying to predict anything is a waste of energy… Wait. I will predict that I’ll buy more books. That’s worth sticking to.

How’s your stack looking?


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  1. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a substantial pile of new books to read is an essential supply.
    Seriously, my only complaint about the Vic govt’s covid restrictions is that they didn’t tag books as essential supplies…

  2. Hiya! happy reading and book-buying in 2022. Books are an essential item. Bring on the lentils and water, and take me to the nearest bookstore. PS: My TBR is now in Minimalist Mode. Not due to a mighty effort, but a shrinking budget. Life. What can I say ?

  3. My TBR spans two hemispheres! There’s at least 500 books in London and since repatriating in June 2019 my Australian TBR stands at around 130. This does not include eBooks of which I have around 160! Yikes!

  4. Haha, that is life. It happens, strangely enough. When I look back on my TBRs for the last years they tend to stay either the same or increase. Hmm….I do hope your new books will turn out to be great reads.

  5. I started the year at 324. I haven’t done a count yet but I did go a bit crazy in the last few weeks and haven’t done a total yet. I might end up about 300 which would be good.

  6. Is this a branch of Bookaholics Anonymous? I feel like a lightweight. I started the year with 152 on my To Read pile, and have ended with 158. It crept up to 162 briefly.

    During the start of All This, I decided to help out a couple of indie publishers by taking out annual subscriptions. I know, I’m too altruistic for my own good. I get nothing out of it apart from extra insulation in the dining room.

    I tried to make inroads on the physical and e-piles this year by taking a couple of virtual literary holiday tours. Summer saw me reading books I have bought over the years in secondhand bookshops while on holiday, for Cathy’s 20 Books of Summer. I managed 9 of my selected 10. I’m presently working my way across Europe reading books by authors from or living in European countries. It’s my way of rejecting the insular times I find myself living in. I’ve knocked 5 off my list, borrowed one from the library inspired by Margaret’s Six Degrees chain for this month, and bought a novella by accident, when I wasn’t looking.

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