Things that are making me happy this week

01. ABBA drop. Can’t stop humming this.

02. And pre-ordered my vinyl.

03. And this tweet:

04. Stop everything. The Ugly Duckling Mint Slice cocktail.

05. Lockdown treats from Butterbing.

06. Blood oranges.

07. Audiobooks have kind of taken over from podcasts during lockdown, with some exceptions – I was gripped by The Dropout 1.0 and loving The Dropout 2.0.

08. See, this way I can pretend I listen to ‘new’ music (thank you to Cathy for pointing me in the direction this).

09. I’m not mad on poetry, but I enjoyed this – Monday by Alex Dimitrov – and especially this bit:

Everyone truly deserves
a flute of champagne
for having made it this far!

10. Posters to lift spirits.

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  1. Best news since they broke up, Abba is getting together again. I love both the new songs they have published already. Can’t wait for the CD. Aaaaand, I didn’t know about Eurovision … That would be fantastic!!!

  2. Firstly – or lastly – I love no. 9.

    My Melbourne based daughter (and to some degree son) share some of their treats. For daughter it’s been Holy Sugar lately.

    Meanwhile, in locked down Canberra, we are using local restaurants for takeaway/delivered meals every, say, three days, but not so much sweets (except we were thrilled, as you know, that our local cafe reopened for takeaway this weekend and made their watermelon cake!)

    • I adore Holy Sugar but too often I’m busy working away on Tuesday afternoons and by the time I look at Instagram in the evening, she’s sold out 🙁 My daughter keeps saying to me, “You need to set a Holy Sugar alarm!”

  3. 1. I managed to get my printer working again (and reorganised my desk while I was at it).
    2. The scent of jasmine in my garden.
    3. Socially distanced gossip while I walk the dog in the sunshine.
    4. Coconut hazelnut muffins.
    5. Working my way through the Mahler symphonies.
    6. Beautiful new luxury sheets from Sleep Temple.
    7. Cucumber seedlings poking up from the seed mix.
    8. Reading Barbara Hanrahan
    9. Fresh mandarins in season.
    10.Vic getting to 60%!!!!!

    • 3. Walks with friends have saved me through all of these lockdowns. I’m so grateful to have lots of dear friends within my 5km.
      6. Thank you for the Sleep Temple tip – I had a look and bought some new bamboo sheets (hard to come by but the BEST for staying cool in summer).
      10. Roll on 80%

  4. Not as excited by the ABBA reunion as you sorry – I loved them first time around, this time their voices are weaker and the music doesn’t have the same edgy quality.

    Anyway my list would be:

    1. Finally did a walk to see two Neolithic burial chambers not far from my home
    2. Bought two new OPI nail polishes – first experience of wearing green
    3. Re-created a dish from a subscription box we’d been having during lockdown. Pretty scrummy quesadillas
    4. Planning our wedding anniversary – we actually get to go out for dinner this year
    5. Managed 30 mins on the cross trainer
    6. Book club will be meeting up for a social this weekend
    7. New pond filter is solving my algae problem
    8. Best ever score on 20booksofsummer (18)
    9. The film Worth based on true story of a lawyer charged with setting up a compensation scheme for 9/11 victims.
    10 Sunshine at last after weeks of thick grey cloud

    • 2. I love both green and blue nail polishes and have been wearing green this week to welcome spring.
      4. Happy anniversary!
      6. Jealous! I haven’t seen my book club properly in a very long time.

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