Things that are making me happy this week

Seems I’m eating and drinking my way through Lockdown 6.0…

01. Attica Chicken and Chill dinner – highlights: house smoked King Ora salmon with macadamia cream, lime oil and ciabatta; the asparagus ‘green slaw’; the silky white chocolate and yoghurt panna cotta with preserved blackberries and caramel corn.

02. And tonight we dined at home on Vaporetto‘s Sunday Roast.

03. More from Attica: Ben Shewry and Hamish Blake did a live cook-along with the theme, Classic 80s. On the menu, Prawn Cocktail (complete with tomato rosette); Fancy Mince on Toast Cottage Pie (Ben’s version of toast is reason enough to make this); and After 8 Vienetta (which we made, because of my deep commitment to mint and chocolate). Recipes here.

04. RISING gin cocktail – yes, I had to source Strawberry Gum

05. Maple whiskey bacon. Next level.

06. So yeah, Qantas reward for vaccination

07. Will Franzen make me scream at my computer??

08. Okay, I’m crying about the MWF but I have signed up for some of the digital events on offer.

09. TV things – Doll & Em (Stan) is light and funny.

10. Our family fun this lockdown week was fake tattoos.

11. Lastly, the Yarra always delivers.

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  1. That food looks delicious!

    But Qantas can go get stuffed…they refused to refund the UK flight I had booked for Easter 2020 (when I was due to go back to UK to finish packing up my life there) even though they had cancelled all flights at that time. I was told I had 6 months to rebook something else. What a joke! They also stripped me of my silver membership. Urgh. I’ve basically consigned myself to the fact that that’s $1,000+ I will never see again.

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