Things that are making me happy this week

01. Easter eggs, obvs.

02. I keep doing things that are so normal, that it doesn’t seem real (tonight: Geraldine Hickey at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and then dinner at LadyBoy).

03. Spent a full day reading (good books) and watching (crap) tele. Was lovely.

04. Melbourne Food & Wine Festival highlight – Marameo Erupts. Can’t stop thinking about the tapioca crisp, and the chocolate and sour cherry volcano was delicious.

05. Marameo Erupts included a sound and light installation by the Little Projector Company – scenes from around Naples, volcanoes erupting and lava flowing were projected on the different surfaces and magically reflected in the windows. It was wonderful.

06. We have Amazon Prime for a month (the kids wanted to watch the footy documentary series, which has been very interesting). What else should I watch?

07. Hello baked chicken tacos.

08. This article about Beverly Cleary and her approach to childhood shame.

09. First look at the German Film Festival program – The Audition and How I Taught Myself to be a Child are on my list.

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  1. Things that made me happy this week:

    1. Having a great reading group at my place (review coming soon)
    2. My daughter being here for Easter
    3. Seeing The father
    4. Enjoying, at last, glorious autumn weather ALL easter
    5. Lunching today with husband and daughter at Raku:

    And, I’m looking forward to checking out the German Film Festival when it comes here, which is usually in late May, I think.

  2. I wish I had an Easter egg that looks like those!!!! Baked tacos are the best. Thanks for the Cleary article. It was interesting to read. German film festival sounds very cool. I’ve been to a French film festival and an Arab Spring film festival plus loads of regular (i.e. English language) film festivals. I love film festivals!

    • I like film festivals as well – last year some ran online and although I enjoyed the convenience (and was able to see more than I ordinarily would) I missed the cinema-going.

      • I hear ya. I found out the film festival I attended in person every year was doing it virtually last year and that’s when I learned that FOR ME it’s all about the experience, not the films, because I had no desire to see any of the films online, even though they were free. I wanted to be there with my pass on a lanyard around my neck, waiting in line with thousands of other festivalers, eating at the restaurants in between films, etc.

  3. Talking of films…
    Two from the French film festival: De Gaulle is excellent, and I really enjoyed The Rose Maker too.

    Also Hot cross buns with my neighbour across the road in her new outdoor eating area that she has created entirely by herself.
    My weekly convo with Joe (Rough Ghosts) in Canada via Zoom. It is amazing how having someone to actually talk books with is refining my thoughts for the book reviews I write.
    Plus, my precious little Amber is ok. On Easter Saturday she yelped in pain when she was pursuing a feline intruder in our garden and came out from under the shrubs with a pronounced limp. If it hadn’t been Easter I’d have taken her to the vet there and then, but we decided to keep her quiet and still (no mean feat with a Silky Terrier!) and see how she was on Sunday and then look for an emergency vet. The next day the limp was less pronounced, and today she’s only doing it when we’re watching her, and not when when she thinks we’re not, so she’s obviously on the mend. It made me think though, why isn’t there a version of Panadol we can give to a dog to reduce inflammation and give some temporary pain relief for minor injuries, eh?)

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