Sample Saturday – newish releases

Sample Saturday is when I wade through the eleventy billion samples I have downloaded on my Kindle. I’m slowly chipping away and deciding whether it’s buy or bye. This week, all three are recent releases that have crossed my radar.

The Spill by Imbi Neeme

Summary: Nicole and Samantha both remember the day when their mother, Tina, lost control of their car – but not in the same way. After Tina’s death, decades later, the sisters are forced to reckon with the repercussions of the crash.

I’m thinking: Maybe.

The Disaster Tourist by Yun Ko-Eun

Summary: Yona works for Jungle, a travel company specializing in vacation packages to destinations devastated by disaster and climate change. She travels to a remote island, whose major attraction is an underwhelming sinkhole (a huge disappointment for customers) and discovers the resort’s plan to fabricate a catastrophe in the interest of regaining Jungle tourists.

I’m thinking: No.

Little Eyes by Samanta Schweblin

Summary: ‘Kentukis’ have gone viral – they’re mechanical stuffed animals that have cameras for eyes, and are connected to an anonymous global server. Owners of kentukis have the eyes of a stranger in their home and a cute squeaking pet following them; or you can be the kentuki and voyeuristically spend time in someone else’s life…

I’m thinking: Yes.

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    • Yes, challenging reading when you consider real life at the moment! The disaster tourism one reminded me of something I read years ago about people who went on tours of where the LA Riots were – the way it was described was really unsavory (the truth is stranger than fiction!).

  1. I’m not sure I could have that cover of Little Eyes looking at me for the time it took to read the book – super creepy! From what you’ve said of the content, it seems a very clever choice of cover. I suppose on a Kindle it’s not so bad…

  2. I’ve just got a copy of the one by Imbi Neeme. TBH I have no idea why I bought it, I must have seen something about it somewhere…but now that I have it, I doubt that it’s my kind of book.

    • I think it got a glowing review in the Readings magazine… The writing is fine, straightforward and relatively interesting but not my usual thing. I have a feeling the audio is available from my library – I find that these types of ‘mysteries’ are good for listening to, so I might put it on my audio list.

      • Hmm, yes, maybe that’s where I got it from. It’s my birthday this month so I’m treating myself to a Book Spendathon to tie in with the MWF and maybe I got a bit carried away. Hasn’t the MWF been fantastic!!!!!

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