Things that are making me happy this week

01. It was an online bunfight, but geez I love a Marimekko/Uniqlo collab.

02. My first MIFF film (Boys State – fascinating).

03. Difficult People on SBS (tears of laughter).

04. Budgie Smuggler cocktails.

05. This lovely article by Trent Dalton.

06. I’m working my way through dozens of recipes I’ve saved over the years but never cooked. Two that will stay on rotation – mandarin and soy braised ribs, and a dark chocolate and pretzel cake.

07. A virtual dinner party where we chatted for hours, just like we would if we were sitting at the same table.

08.  This puzzle – it feels like a lifetime ago that I was in Amalfi

09. Getting up-to-date on administrivia – deeply satisfying.

10. Blood oranges (this has nothing to do with it…!).

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    • Oh, I’m a master procrastinator but every so often I have a ‘McGetShitDone Day’ and I burn through the administrative tasks and then do things like brag about it on my blog… 😀

  1. I love getting administrative items taken care of! Anything that involves organizing and weeding out makes me happy.

    That puzzle is gorgeous! They are my new addiction since quarantine. I rationalize it by the fact that I’m not buying clothes so why not?!

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