Things that are making me happy this week

01. Last Sunday I had 29 Cheese Gnocchi from Cucinetta for dinner. The cheese coma was worth it.

02. Okay, this is a Melbourne thing but this mask made me laugh and laugh (because of this).

03. Yes, Victorians love tuning into the 11am COVID update.

04. Edinburgh International Book Festival programme.

05. It’s stupid to be buying clothes when in actual fact every day the decision about to what wear is ‘these trackies or those trackies?’… but green stripes.

06. Listening to Nice White Parents podcast.

07. Watching Netflix doco-series Indian Matchmaking.

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  1. Actually…I’m not doing the tracksuit thing, due to my allergy to all forms of exercise, I don’t have one.
    Therefore I have a Free Pass when it comes to shopping, and I’ve discovered Cara Cashmere via Facebook. I have not been able to resist.
    First I bought a slinky black scarf. (I actually needed that after *rueful frown* left my gorgeous black pashmina in a café somewhere. It was a real one, bought ages ago before they became unaffordable and before we knew they were ideologically unsound which makes us feel ok about them being unaffordable.)
    Then they had a divine jade green wrap. (You know, just to prove I don’t wear black *all* the time)
    And then they had their irresistible black poncho on special. Perfect for concealing Pandemic Poundage. Well, what could I do?
    This is my clothes budget for the entire year, if not next year as well.
    Now I need to hide my credit card from myself.

    • Dare I wander over to Cara Cashmere…?!?! Or should I save my $$ for the new Marimekko/ Uniqlo collection next week? I could probably justify both if I tried hard enough (I don’t buy clothes all that often) 😀

  2. well thanks to you I’ve just spent a happy hour merrily booking lots of the talks at the Edinburgh festival. It’s the nearest I’m ever going to get to attending that event (so far to travel….). the programme is far more interesting than the Hay festival has been for a couple of years

  3. I do watch the 11am COVID update most days, but I must confess I hadn’t taken note of the silver fox! lol

    I going to take a look at the Edinburgh Festival, but I am not sure I will find anything that is on at a reasonable time for us.

    • You might start watching the 11am update through a new lens now 😁

      I’ve had a quick look at the Festival. There’s a few events I’m interested in that will be on at 10pm Melbourne time, which is fine for me.

  4. 1. That cheese gnocchi is right up my street
    5. Now you’re showing off. I have one set of (not matching) trackies and one pair of ug boots and that’s it for quarantine wear. (Eat your heart out: my trackie top is a Rottnest Channel solo swim hoodie)

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