Sample Saturday – love notes, exile, and royalty

Sample Saturday is when I wade through the eleventy billion samples I have downloaded on my Kindle. I’m slowly chipping away and deciding whether it’s buy or bye.

Invented Lives by Andrea Goldsmith

Why I have it: Theresa’s review.

Summary: In the mid-1980s, Galina Kogan leaves Leningrad for Australia, and is forbidden to return. As a Jew, she’s inherited Russia’s chronic anti-Semitism. As a Soviet citizen, she is unprepared for Australia and its easy-going ways. She is befriended by the Morrows, and learns that their marriage is based on secrets.

I’m thinking: Yes.

Love Notes From a German Building Site by Adrian Duncan

Why I have it: Susan’s review (and also, that title!)

Summary: Paul, a young Irish engineer, follows his girlfriend to Berlin, and begins work on the renovation of a commercial building in Alexanderplatz. Wrestling with a new language, on a site running behind schedule, and with a relationship in flux, he becomes increasingly untethered.

I’m thinking: Yes, I’m a sucker for a Berlin story.

The Other Windsor Girl by Georgie Blalock

Why I have it: Spotted on Julz Reads (and also, how good is the last season of The Crown?!).

Summary: The fascinating, fast-living Princess Margaret and her ‘set’ as seen through the eyes of one of her (fictional) ladies-in-waiting, Vera Strathmore.

I’m thinking: Maybe (think I should read Ma’am Darling first).


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    • Strangely I thought I’d read some of her previous work but looking at her list, I realised I haven’t. I’m getting her confused with another Aus author who also played the piano – Anna Goldworthy.

  1. I’m currently reading Invented Lives. Someone’s choice for my bookclub and like many book chosen for you by others definitely worth it. . I love stories told from different points of view. Enjoy.

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