Things that are making me happy this week

01. If it hadn’t been for lockdown, I would never have had Lune perfection delivered to my door early on Saturday morning (or three courses on Monday night from Mr Bianco).

02. Curtis Sittenfeld did a talk last night about Rodham (organised by Australian independent booksellers, I think) – so interesting (I’ll post about it if I can grab some time).

03. Connell’s chain.

04. Volcano Man.

05. Wind of Change podcast (did the CIA write the Scorpions 1991 end-of-Cold-War hit, Wind of Change?)

06. This puzzle – simultaneously making me happy and killing me.

07. New blue light glasses.

08. Lindt ‘Nutella’.

09. Discovering that Emma Jane Unsworth’s Adults will be made into a movie.

10. Voting for my favourite-ever Women’s Prize for Fiction winner (a no-brainer: Lisa McInerney’s Glorious Heresies).


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  1. I can’t decide on my favourite Women’s Prize winner; I’ve only read 15 so far and I feel like I should try to get hold of most of the others (when my library reopens) before I cast my vote…

  2. I was just looking at those puzzles the other day!

    We were planning to order something from Ides in the next couple of weeks but unfortunately we live in the outer suburbs so no delivery. Might have to go in and pick something up, and while we do that pick up one of those croissants from Lune. It looks amazing.

  3. That puzzle: wow! And I’m sitting on the couch with Rebecca, trying to read through more of the prizewinners. But I do share your affection for The Glorious Heresies: so rich, so evocative. I still remember those characters and think of them from time to time!

    • My book group used to be very good at keeping up with the prize winners but we have fallen off the wagon in the last few years, so I haven’t read as many as I would have liked.

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